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What Impact Do Alternate Disciplinary Techniques Have On School Climate And Student Behavior In A K–5 Title I Elementary School?

Nicole Dickens Simon Final Dissertation.pdf

The New Jersey Department of Education reported that more than 50,000 students were suspended from school in 2017–2018. Over 17,000 students were…

A Quantitative Evaluation Of Teachers’ Approaches To Classroom Assessment In One District In Burlington County, New Jersey

Amy Stella Final Dissertation.pdf

Teachers possess varying levels of assessment design abilities. The goals of this quasi-experimental quantitative study were to determine how…

Understanding How First-Generation, African American, Women, Undergraduate Students Navigate Their Collegiate Experience Through Cocurricular Programs At One Ivy Institution

Paryn Wallace_Final Dissertation Master .pdf

This dissertation is a phenomenological study of how eight first-generation African American undergraduate women at an Ivy League institution used…