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Sherlin Narayanan_ISCAP Poster_2023.pdf
When a person is scrolling through their social media feed, YouTube
feed, or simply on Google, they are shown a variety of websites,
posts, ads, and so on. If the information that is displayed is randomly
presented, it does not benefit the company…

Kiki van Ommeren and Jordan Wilson_ISCAP Poster_2023.pdf
Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC) is a major
compound used as a preservative in disinfectants,
antimicrobials, and surfactants. BAC regularly
enters the environment through wastewater and
has been proven to be toxic to bacteria,
crustaceans, fish, and…

Jacquelyn Cook_ISCAP Poster_2023.pdf
winters in the Northeast drive communities
to apply winter de icing salts to roads and
walkways While effective, the salt applications
create long term water quality and ecological
issues on the local and regional water system
The purpose…

Dominique White_ISCAP Poster_2023.pdf
The positive consequences of music intervention on depression and anxiety
symptoms were investigated in a small sample of college students randomly
assigned to the experimental and control groups. Experimental group
participants created music…

Bailey Adams and Ashley Murphy_ISCAP Poster_2023.pdf
This project was originally started by former Rider students and faculty, and will be continued and completed by Bailey Adams, Ashley Murphy and Dr. Daniel Druckenbrod. The original Rider woods nature trail was created in 1974, when our school was…

Ashley Murphy_ISCAP Poster_2023.pdf
Since the 1800s when eastern wolves were
eradicated in the eastern U.S., deer overpopulation
has been negatively affecting the growth and
biodiversity of understory vegetation in forests.
White tailed deer have been consuming…

Angela Rizzo- Recital Program.docx.pdf
This capstone includes learning outcomes and scores for the creator's senior recital performance.In addittion to the learning outcomes and scores, there are a number of media files, which demonstrates the author's The media files are located…

Elayna Badger Capstone Project and Paper.pdf
Original short story and research of the Young Adult genre. This research explores genre from a literary analysis perspective as well as a publishing perspective.

Personal narrative about spirituality, Yorùbá Culture, Christianity, and American culture.

Mozitis, Victoria. BHP Capstone Paper.pdf
L.E.A.P.: Literacy Enhancement, Artistry, and Performance is a Community Service Initiative that promotes storytelling through theater to improve literacy rates in low-income schools. The program utilizes the Reader's Theater technique, which…
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