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Mason, Sarah- Thesis - American Protest Songs and Their Impact on Two American Social Movements (1).pdf
Protest songs have existed as a form of musical activity that was easily available to the general population in a variety of genres. While American protest songs were always an important part of American music history from the beginnings of the…

ISCAP Poster_Witerska.pdf
Since the Covid-19 pandemic temporarily stopped the outside world, causing the digital world to become more salient, it has become even more vital to investigate the impact of social networking sites
on society.

ISCAP Poster_Tezbir.pdf
Impermeable surfaces such as roads or parking lots cause urban runoff from rain or snowmelt events. This runoff can cause flooding and contains a multitude of pollutants such as salt from road deicing
efforts or motor oil from leaky cars. These…

ISCAP Poster_Ritter.pdf
Pollinator gardens are beneficial in protecting our pollinator populations. However, growing these gardens can be challenging, as the seeds of some native plant species are difficult to germinate. In nature, seeds often undergo natural processes that…

ISCAP Poster_Loo.pdf
What happens when you drink alcohol? Well…. The liver is one of the first places that helps detox your body of toxins that are in your body, like when you drink beer or vodka. When alcohol reaches the liver,
the liver makes ethanol and other foreign…

ISCAP Poster_Lee.pdf
This study assessed people’s views on what concerns them most, what is most important to them, and their knowledge of some major issues (e.g., crime rates, poverty levels). Comparisons were made across generations (Baby Boomer, Gen X , Millennial )…

ISCAP Poster_DiPasquale.pdf
This study was conducted to improve the understanding of how
prey species and concentration affect the feeding rate of Oxyrrhis
marina, a heterotrophic dinoflagellate.

Phytoplankton are the basis of the marine food web, known to be the key producers contributing to primary production in the ocean. The microbial food web consists of phytoplankton (autotrophic producers) and the zooplankton who feed upon them…
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