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Ashley Murphy_ISCAP Poster_2023.pdf
Since the 1800s when eastern wolves were
eradicated in the eastern U.S., deer overpopulation
has been negatively affecting the growth and
biodiversity of understory vegetation in forests.
White tailed deer have been consuming…

Angela Rizzo- Recital Program.docx.pdf
This capstone includes learning outcomes and scores for the creator's senior recital performance.In addittion to the learning outcomes and scores, there are a number of media files, which demonstrates the author's The media files are located…

Elayna Badger Capstone Project and Paper.pdf
Original short story and research of the Young Adult genre. This research explores genre from a literary analysis perspective as well as a publishing perspective.

Personal narrative about spirituality, Yorùbá Culture, Christianity, and American culture.

Mozitis, Victoria. BHP Capstone Paper.pdf
L.E.A.P.: Literacy Enhancement, Artistry, and Performance is a Community Service Initiative that promotes storytelling through theater to improve literacy rates in low-income schools. The program utilizes the Reader's Theater technique, which…

This study exposes the true impact and grasp in which caffeine has on individuals; awareness of physiological and physical effects of caffeine; explore individuals perceptions and use of caffeine, and the frequency of usage.

This paper examines multiple forms of Type 2 diabetes preventive care in the Navajo
Nation in order to assess their current effectiveness, accessibility, and utilization. This analysis will examine existing literature and data to identify any…

This paper discusses previous research that has examined the impact social media can have on body image and how online platforms have played a role in encouraging body positivity; the research comparing social media intensity and the differences;…

This paper examines how AI art has become popular yet controversial, how law the allows AI art to persist, and how this concept will continue affecting the graphic design industry.

Behavioral finance is important to know as a finance professional but is not taught as part of main finance curricula. Knowing formulas and analytical skills is extremely important for a career in finance, but understanding why and how people make…
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